• Season 20 will be the Last One the Will Switch to New Show Survivor 2.0


# Season Location Sole Survivor Runner(s)-Up Vote
1 Survivor:All-Stars 2 Panama Colby Donaldson Corinne Kaplan 9-0
2 Survivor: Micronesia:Fans vs.Favorites Micronesia Eliza Orlins Amber Mariano 10-0
3 Survivor:Philippines:All-Stars 3 Philippines Eddie Fox Ciera Eastin 4-3
4 Survivor:Nicaragua:All-Stars 4 Nicaragua Ciera Eastin Sugar Kiper 8-1
5 Survivor:Alliances:Caramon Caramoan Eddie Fox Micheal Snow 10-2
6 Survivor:Redemption Island:Gabon Gabon Hope Driskill Courtney Yates Hayden Moss 10-1-1
7 Survivor:Philippines Philippines Rachel Folger Amber Mariano Rob Mariano 4-3-1
8 Survivor: Germany - Forest of Fairy Tales Black Forest,Germany Kim Spradlin John Cochran Rob Mariano 4-3-2
9 Survivor:The Enchanted Forest of Fairytales Enchanted Forest,Transylvania,Germany Hayden Moss Ciera Eastin Amber Mariano 6-1-1
10 Survivor:The Enchanted Forest of Fairytales 2 Enchanted Forest,Transylvania,Germany Todd Herzog Malcolm Freberg John Cody 5-2-1
11 Survivor:One World Samoa Malcolm Freberg John Cochran Trish Hegarty 7-1-0
12 Survivor:Marquesas Marquesas Ciera Eastin John Cody 5-2
13 Survivor: Tocantins Tocantins Natalie Tenerelli Andrea Boehlke Ciera Eastin 5-1-1
14 Survivor:South Pacific South Pacific,Samoa Sophie Clarke Rob Mariano Ciera Eastin 4-3-1
15 Survivor:Samoa Samoa Ciera Eastin Brandon Hantz Malcolm Freberg 8-1-0
16 Survivor:Gabon Gabon Sierra Reed J.T Thomas 7-2
17 Survivor:Nicaragua Nicaragua J.T Thomas Jenn Brown Spencer Bledsoe 4-3-2
18 Survivor: Tocantins 2 Tocantins Rob Mariano Amber Mariano 6-3
19 Survivor:Couples Showdown South Pacific,Samoa Laura Morett Ciera Eastin Kelley Wentworth 8-0-0
20 Survivor Youtubers:Worlds Apart South Pacific,Samoa Tyler Oakley Bethany Mota 9-0

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